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Effective Solutions to Practicing Self-Care

Taking the First Step Towards Self-Care

As professional caregivers, we know it's important to practice the advice we give to our patients and clients: "Take care of yourself." Knowing how to do it effectively and consistently is a challenge for us.

We understand that you have your own problems regarding practicing self-care. That’s why The Self-Care Center for Professionals in Colorado Springs, Colorado provides the tools, encouragement, and assistance to get you started. 

Ways of Achieving Self-Care

We provide the necessary assessment, consultation, education, and professional support to help you practice self-care. Here are the following:

A Self-Care Plan 

We assist in the development of a realistic and personalized self-care plan, which can be implemented within 90 days. This also includes providing accountability and follow-up on your self-care plan in terms of evaluation, revision, and continued implementation.

Life Balance Assessment 

We provide periodic assessments for life balance, professional and personal well-being, and satisfaction with occupational efforts/roles and personal life. We also offer interpretation of assessment results and their implications for enhanced professional and personal functioning.

Compassion Fatigue 

We assess for compassion fatigue and/or burnout. If one of these two is present, we provide consultation to facilitate the recovery process. While these two appear similar, their causes and recovery processes are very different. 

Initiating an Individual Self-Care Plan, Life Balance, or Compassion Fatigue Assessment 

The initial appointment is scheduled via telephone or email two-four weeks prior to the appointment. This will trigger the digital provision of a set of assessment instruments for you to complete and return at least a week prior to the initial appointment.

At that time, the results and their implications will be reviewed and discussed and alternatives for a realistic and attainable self-care plan will be explored. The resultant self-care plan will be determined by the professional caregiver. The minimum amount of time suggested for this initial meeting is two hours.

This appointment is confirmed with a non-refundable payment of at least half of the standard fee via credit card with the other half due at the time of meeting. The option for an additional appointment is then available to the professional caregiver.

Therapist Consultation 

We provide consultation for an individual or a group of therapists regarding their own professional development, potential ethical dilemmas, impact of challenging patients, difficult personal circumstances, periodic case consultation and/or  other issues that adversely effect well-being and effectiveness.



We facilitate consultation groups (with typically 3 to 5 participants) for therapists  or other professionals , with length and frequency of sessions to be determined by each group.

The focus of the consultation includes any or all services outlined in the therapist consultation section. The cost is prorated based on the number of participants and length of each session.



We provide consultation to agencies and organizations interested in developing and maintaining a self-caring environment for their employees.  This can be achieved via onsite consultation, through an assessment of organizational policies and procedures, and/or through training events for management and/or employees. It can also refer a distressed employee(s) for an individualized assessment and consultation. 


Rates for individual consultations are based on qualifications, credentials, and levels of education required for professional functioning. Payment can be made via cash, check, or credit card and is a tax-deductible expense under “Professional Services.”

Agency rates will be determined based on the services requested. Discounts are available for both individuals and agencies depending on the services requested.

  • Undergraduate Degrees, Graduate Students or Graduates Working Toward License: $75 / hour
  • Master’s Level Professionals: $100 per hour
  • Doctoral Level Professionals: $150 per hour 
  • Organization Level Rates: $200 per hour
  • Organizational Employee Rates:  $125 per hour


The confidentiality of the professional(s) utilizing the resources of the Center is maintained in several ways:

One: The professional will  be scheduled at a time that minimizes exposure to others.  

Two, the private entrance to the office will be utilized to minimize contact with others.

Three: The only records that will be kept by the Center are copies of the assessment instruments, a copy of the self-care plan so that follow-up can proceed in a timely fashion, and a record of payment. This information will be stored in  a secure facility and only be released with the written consent of the professional utilizing the services.

Four:  Group consultations will include a signed commitment to confidentiality by all participants.

Five:  Agency consultations will also include a signed commitment to confidentiality by the Center so that agency information will remain protected and private.

Six:  Agency referrals for consultation will include an agreement between the agency and the Center that the individual employee's assessment, consultation content and self-care plan are the private property of the employee. The Center will provide a  report to the designated organizational leader that the employee did or did not constructively utilize the service as intended.  The employee will be encouraged by the Center to share with the appropriate manager the results of the consultation to facilitate organizational support of the self-care plan's implementation.  

Seven:  The content of any self-care plan is the exclusive property of the professional caregiver and will not be utilized for any other purpose except that determined by the professional. 

Eight: The limit to confidentiality is the overt violation of explicit legal and/or ethical codes of conduct and the stated or implied intent to do harm to self or others.


The Self-Care Center for Professionals

We Are Licensed and Certified

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